Head unit 10.25" GPS Benz C Class W205 & GLC X253 & V Class W446 8 GB RAM Android 13 TR3603

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Find the best GPS round corners 8GB RAM screen for your Benz C Class W205 & GLC X253 & V Class W446 ✔ Wireless CarPlay & Android Auto

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CarPlay & Android Auto

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Multi touch screen 10.25" inches for Benz C Class W205 & GLC X253 & V Class W446. Android 13 for all functions, not only for the GPS as other models. REF: TR3603

The best screen for Benz C Class W205 & GLC X253 & V Class W446 for (2014-2020).

Add to your Benz C Class W205 & GLC X253 & V Class W446 car the newest technology on the market. You will have an Android device that greatly improves the factory features of your own car.

Compatible With:

Benz C Class W205 & GLC X253 & V Class W446 (2014-2020)

Main Features:

1. CPU: MTK8788 Octa core
2. Android: 13 (can upgrade)
3. Internal memory 64Gb / 128Gb.
4. RAM 8Gb DDR.
5. MCU latest version.
6. Original controls are still operational and original screen is displayed on the new screen.
7. Support Multi-media player, Internet Entertainment, games, Android applications, etc...
8. Integrated Wi-fi, integrated 4G LTE (SIM card reader), rear dual USB.
9. 4K and Adreno Ultra HD GPS compatible.
10. External hard drive support.
11. USB extension cables to the glove compartment.
12. Customizable startup logo, wallpapers, etc...
13. Supports copy, cut, paste files.
14. Support video and photo, browse / modify, JPG, MBP, JPEG, etc...
15. Compatible with DTV television, auxiliary audio and video inputs or outputs, it's not necessary AD exchange.
16. Super Hardware Performance, Quick Response.
17. Compatible with original parking sensors, 360º cameras and original rear camera.
18. Multi touch screen, 5-point control, fast response.
19. Compatible with main Internet Android browsers like Chrome, Firefox, etc...
20. A lot of applications supported, PlayStore installed.
21. Can read and edit Word / Excel / Powerpoint / PDF / TXT documents.
22. Wallpaper adjusts brightness automatically day / night.
23. Car buttons illuminated automatically with car lights.
24. Compatible with DVR driving recording system (works with optional USB camera)

MirrorLink to view the screen of your smartphone wirelessly on the screen of the unit (Android or Iphone)

CarPlay, (wireless CarPlay possibility) and Android Auto.

4G LTE Internet connection (SIM card slot, NOT USB 4G, integrated into the screen) / WIFI for Internet access.

Now your Benz C Class W205 & GLC X253 & V Class W446 can have the latest technology in GPS.

Compatible with thousands of applications, available in PlayStore.

GPS navigation with 3D maps (online or offline compatible)

Compatible 720P, 1080P and 4K.

Bluetooth is compatible with all brands of mobile phones, phonebook function, music playback, supports search by name from A-Z.

Integrated Adreno GPU, with the excess speed of its powerful hardware, helps improve 2D / 3D navigation for GPS, supports OpenGL and OpenVG, decodes 1080P and 4K.

RGB888 direct drive digital multi touch screen, clearer definition and display than other models.

Multi touch screen control with dynamic graphical user interface.

Multi-resolution support, UXGA @ 60HZ1600 * 1200, supports larger screens, even above 20 inches with car DVD. Images clearer than 800 * 480 or 1024 * 800 resolution at the same fluency.

Compatible video formats: Wmv (VC1 codec), AVI (H.264, MPEG4, MJPEG, XviD, WMV), mp4 (H.263, H.264, MPEG4 codec), MPG (MPEG2 codec), m4v (H.264, MPEG4), MKV, etc...

Operating temperature -20°C to +70°C

Storage temperature -30°C to +80°C

Power consumption 900 mA@14.2V.

Operating voltage 11.5 ~ 15.5V.


Map can be stored in internal memory or on MicroSD card.

Supports Google Maps, Sygic, IGO, Papago, TomTom, Waze, 3D maps, etc...

Navigation Storage: SD / MMC / SDHC card support

New support features for bluetooth A2DP, iPod, multimedia playback from USB, MicroSD and hard drive during GPS navigation. The original car functions are all supported and may still be used.


➢Screen size 10.25" inches. ANDROID 13

➢Multi-touch screen with anti glare and metallic finished frame (not inferior quality plastic)

➢Screen resolution 1920 * 720Pix.

➢Customizable wallpaper.

➢Split screen function.

➢Possibility of modifying the icons.

➢Blue anti-shine finish available.

➢CarPlay function, Android Auto and even the likelihood of wireless CarPlay.


Main interface more than 20 languages, including Spanish, English and Portuguese.


4G LTE Internet connection (including SIM card slot, NOT USB 4G, integrated into the device) / WIFI for Internet connection.

Integrated WIFI 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz.

4G LTE integrated.

Compatible with Android applications. Google PlayStore included.

File management:

Supports copying and moving files between different storage media and user profiles.

Video / Audio:

Video Support MP3 / WMA / WAV / APE / FLAC / ACC / OGG / AC3 / MKV, etc...

Audio RMVB / AVI / MPG / MPEG / WMA / VOB / MOV / ASF / FLV / 3GP / MP4, etc...

RCA video input

Audio output

Audio input

Customizable EQ, pop, jazz, dance, classic, rock, normal, personal, etc...

DSP digital sound processor, the best sound quality on the market.

Signal to noise ratio> 0.1dB

Supports Dual Zone, that is, you can play multiple functions simultaneously and GPS mutes or attenuates the voice with prompts.


Bluetooth 5.0, supports HFP, A2DP, AVRCP formats.

Main functions of hands-free, Dial (redial), answer, search contacts by name, phone music playback, volume control, touch keyboard, mute...

Address book search by name from A-Z.

Additional characteristics:

Automatic connection of rear parking camera. (Both original and later installed)

It shows all the original functions of the car, such as temperature, climate control, seat belt, door opening, parking sensors and a long etc...

High power USB for fast charging.

CarPlay, Android Auto and wireless CarPlay posibility.


Micro SD (Maximum 128Gb)

USB ports x 2 (USB ports support USB hub)

Internal hard disk of up to 128Gb.

Micro SD slot x 1




GPS Glonass / Galileo. No Internet connection necessary for GPS navigation.

2 x USB ports

1 x MicroSD reader

Video AV IN input, can add digital TV tuner (optional)

RCA audio * 2 (front L and R)

RCA audio output * 2 (rear L and R)

AUX-L input

AUX-R input


Rear camera (automatic connection when engaging reverse gear)

The display illumination is dimmed when the car's own lights are activated.

NTG4 models need the AUX IN function active in the car.

NTG5 models require the active USB function in the car.

Package content:

10.25" inch screen Android 13 Benz C Class W205 & GLC X253 & V Class W446.

Audio and video cabling.

GPS antenna.

Wifi / 4G antenna.

Fixing or support elements and metal screws.

USB cables.

Power cord.

You will not need additional accessories for installation in the car, everything you need is included.



Spanish manual

Spanish instruction manual Benz 8GB RAM

Download (7.92M)

English manual

English instruction manual Benz 8GB RAM

Download (17.26M)

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