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Fascia panels

At Tradetec we want to show you our section of adaptive frames, more commonly called auto-radio supports for car. We have clamping boxes for all types of car brands or even if you know you will not always have the same car, we also have universal auto-radio stands.

Autoradio support

Like every accessory and part of the car, our auto-radio supports are also adapted to each car model. You can find supports for each type of car in our online store. If you do not find what you are looking for, contact us and we will help you in everything we can.

We also have a new, anti-theft product. A creative fictional radio cover for car models, this way nobody will want to steal the radio that seems to be.

Car radio support

What many people look for and need is a universal car radio adapter frame , and we also have it. All kinds of car radio support can be found.

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