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Suspension spare parts

In this section we want to show you all suspension spare parts for your car. We have spare parts suspensions for the main car brands such as Seat, Volkswagen, Mercedes, Audi, Porsche or Renault among others.

To start, we want to show you below all available models, both individual spare parts suspensions and shock absorber assembly, you can find them easily and thus see the options you have available in your car

Spare parts suspensions or shock absorbers car

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All the suspensions spare parts we have are of the best quality, manufactured in Germany. These suspensions can be placed with the standard wheels of the car or with your favorite tires, as they adapt to the original anchors of the car so you can give a more sporty touch to your car without having to change anything else.

At Tradetec we want to show you several car suspensions that you will love!

Suspensions and shock absorbers car spare parts

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