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Mercedes Benz

GPS Navigator and DVD Radio for your Mercedes Benz

Would you like to have a multimedia monitor with GPS navigator in your Mercedes? With Tradetec it is possible, as we have at your disposal a wide variety of DVD - GPS - Bluetooh Radio models that are completely adapted to the model of your Mercedes Benz.

With the latest generation of touchscreen navigators, you will be able to do various tasks at the same time that you will be enjoying a comfortable and safe driving, having the GPS that will allow you to get to the desired place. In addition, some models include DTT, to make driving a unique experience.

Installation is simple and fully customisable, to suit your tastes and preferences. Discover our range of Android DVDs that we have for all Mercedes Benz vehicles.

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Octa Core Android Radio for Mercedes

Innovation has arrived in the world of motoring. Now we can make driving even easier with touchscreen GPS navigators with a wide range of functions. Gone are the old days of rudimentary devices that we used to attach to the glass or dashboard of our car with a suction cup and which took a long time to connect to satellites. If you have a Mercedes and you don't have a built-in GPS, you can't miss the Mercedes navigator models for all budgets, easy installation and intuitive operation. These devices are fully compatible.

1 DIN and 2 DIN (double DIN) car radios with touch screen and 4G

We offer you a wide range of radio models for your Mercedes in different available sizes. Radios with 1 DIN or 2 DIN.  In addition, we offer you some installation kits so you can install the car radio in your car in an easy and simple way, some even with models with Android OctaCore.

Multimedia Navigator for Mercedes GLA, CLA, C Class 

A great vehicle from a great brand such as Mercedes cannot afford not to have a built-in GPS navigator. This device has become an almost indispensable tool for our trips and journeys, and not only for the orientation that the navigator gives us, but also for the large number of additional functions that it provides us with. The radio modes, DVD player and TV with DVB-T are just some of the features that make your passengers' journeys more enjoyable on an 8- to 12-inch HD or Full HD screen.

Whether you have a Mercedes CLA, A-Class, Sportcoupe, A-Class, C-Class or C-Class, among others, you won't have any compatibility problems.

Enjoy your Mercedes navigation system as if it came as standard in your car, as it is integrated into the dashboard as part of the car.

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