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Head unit options

At Tradetec we take care of the little details so that everything in your car is perfect and you do not miss anything. In this category have got various accessories for the central screen of your car or for the GPS radio 1 DIN size or 2 DIN size, you can add new functionalities to your new head unit! Also have wheel pressure sensor kit for the car central display Android, extension cables, DVR camera for recording while the vehicle is moving, USB SIM card reader for 4G or 3G and Internet access or even optical fiber adapter for car.

Miscellaneous accessories for car head units

Car screens are the main accessory currently used in the car, everyone is used to travel with GPS to reach the sites without losing time or do more kilometers than necessary. That is why at Tradetec we are not prepared to sell the screen to our customers, but our intention is that you do not lack any accessories to buy the GPS screen or radio special screen for car or fascia panel. Here you can find all the various accessories for car screen, such as specific fiber optic modules for Mercedes, BMW, Porsche or Audi, including extension cables or spare microphones.

Accessories for your car central screen

The accessories for this type of car option are many and many, but the most important are in addition to the car recording cameras, optical fiber interface or USB 4G or USB 3G to be connected to the Internet and use the Android or iPhone phone compatible with your car's central screen.

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