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LCD monitors

The LCD monitors are a flagship product in our online store. They are becoming more popular and especially for a car. They are small and take up little space.

In our selection you can find different types of screens. We have in this section some that adapt to the headrests, also without adapters, also camera kits plus the screen.

LCD monitors

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Today this product is already more standardized and has ceased to be a novelty, but that does not stop being useful and practical. But yes, because of this, we can already find cheap and good quality LCD monitors.

At Tradetec we have 7 inch screens, 8.5 inches, screens for the car, 12.1-inch screens for the office or home.

Screens for car with usb

Another great product is the car screen with USB. This monitor is as easy as placing it, introduce a pen drive and start enjoying your content and spend very entertaining trips. Ideal for children or long trips.

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