Tradetec Global Trading Company (hereinafter the offering company) with registered office in Vigo, Travesía Monte Pequeno 4 Bajo, Candeán, CP36317, Pontevedra, provides its online sales services on its website www.tradetec.es and tradetec. is. Your contact email: info@tradetec.es


These general conditions regulate the contracting of products and services offered by Tradetec Global Trading Company S.L. and advertising aimed at its customers / users, all through its website.

The clauses that are listed below make up the contract that all users who access the page www.tradetecglobal.com or www.tradetec.es are obliged to know and accept These general conditions are binding on both parties and are an integral and inseparable part of the contract of sale whose efficiency operates at the moment of the subscription of the order at the customer's instnance. For all purposes it will be understood that the user accepts the conditions and rules here related to pressing the ACCEPT button that appears at the bottom of any order.

These general conditions are established in accordance with the provisions of Spanish law, and in particular in the LAW 26/84 of June 19 General for the Defense of Consumers and Users, LAW 7/98 of April 13, General Conditions of the Contracting, LAW 7/96 of January 15 of Retail Trade Regulation, Civil Code, Directive 2000/31 CE of the European Parliament and of the Council of June 8, LAW 34/2002 of July 11, services of the society of the information and electronic commerce, LAW 23/2003 of July 10 of Guarantees in the sale of Consumer Goods and other applicable laws and their implementing regulations.


The bidding company, in compliance with the provisions of article 10 of LAW 34/2002 of July 11, through its website and these General Conditions, allows access by electronic means in an easy, direct, free and Permanent to the comprehensive information of its corporate name, as well as to the client's data, of exclusive access to it, that are held by the company. Any user who accesses the web page www.tradetec.es or tradetec.es, has the right to register as a client, thus being able to benefit from the special offers destined to the group of registered clients.


The pricing policy of the offering company, reserves at all times and unilaterally the right to change the price of products and services offered through its website. To guarantee the customer the certainty and security of the price of the products, these will be those in force in the advertising that comes at the moment of formalizing the order. The information on the price of the product or final price of sale to the public of the product to be purchased will contain in the same the final cost for the client including VAT, expenses of shipment and insurance of goods and handling derived from the transport. The final cost will be communicated to the client in the electronic purchase process before it formalizes its acceptance.


Prepayment: by cash deposit or bank transfer of the full amount in favor of Tradetec Global Trading Company S.L., in both cases with express mention of the order number to which the payment refers. Being voluntary and positive for the dispatch of the article, the copy of the bank receipt to the email info@tradetec.es.

Payment by credit card: either through our own payment gateway or associated as Paypal, the same procedure as in the previous description of prepayment would be applied.


Cash on delivery, having an additional extra cost that may vary depending on the transport company and will be specified throughout the purchase process. This only is possible in Spain.


The delivery period of the purchased product is established within a period of approximately 10 days (with the exception of products labeled for delivery in 24 hours) from the identification of the payment for the effective delivery of the product from the moment in which the date was set of identification of the same and will be informed automatically to the subscriber of said order. For orders for advance payment without payment constanzation within the period of delivery of the product set to formalize the order, the period of 10 days will start to count from when we have reliable knowledge of the payment. The delivery time of the merchandise depends on the location where it is to be made available to the customer.

In the case of checking the client at the time of delivery of the goods errors in it or that it is visibly damaged should record these circumstances in the delivery note of the carrier and bring these facts to Tradetec Global Trading Company S.L. within 24 hours in writing by sending an email to info@tradetec.es

For claims about the shipment of the goods, those after 24 hours after delivery can not be accepted.

The goods that could not be delivered within 7 working days from the date of departure of the facilities of Tradetec Global Trading Company SL, for reasons not attributable to the seller will be returned to the same, the amounts paid in concept will not be reimbursed. Shipping for prepaid mode.

In no case will Tradetec send products directly from China, without reviewing in Spain the orders previously, and declaring fictitious amounts lower than the real one, to avoid or reduce the legal and obligatory customs rates for the EC.

All products offered are shipped from our facilities in Spain, with customs fees and insurance of the total amount of the order already included in the price, this being the only way to ensure, so that customs expenses are not borne by the customer, and that in case of deterioration due to transportation, the insurance associated with it covers the total amount of the purchase, without final prejudice to the client.

No returns of OEM or universal models will be accepted due to incompatibility with the vehicle, either because it has a serial navigator or because the technical staff of the company has not been previously consulted.

The customs fees represent a percentage of the total amount of the merchandise. Many sellers send from Asia directly to the final customer, without even knowing or reviewing what they send, and they declare a false amount, always much lower than what the customer has actually paid, so that, before the customs, the final customer pays the as much as possible of these customs fees, but when declaring amounts much lower than the real value, fraud is being committed before the customs, being ultimately responsible for this fraud the client, which is the one that appears as the recipient of the package before the customs authorities .

In this way, also, in the case of damage caused by transport, the insurance of the merchandise, only pays the declared amount, which is always an amount much smaller than the value that you have really paid for your purchase.

When you buy items that are sent directly from Asia, you have to take into account that it is very likely that after many thousands of kilometers of transport, and various changes of vehicle for your package, you will suffer deterioration in a commodity as delicate and valuable as electronic equipment for the automobile, that is why Tradetec ensures the correct operation of all the import items upon arrival in Spain and ensures them properly for national transport.

The products of the security and surveillance categories do not include in the price the configuration of the same, this is invoiced separately to the product.

When you buy at Tradetec, you acquire the product from a legally established company and you register it in the Pontevedra Company Registry, therefore in no case should the client send or send the item to a place other than that of our own facilities to make use of the warranty.


All Tradetec items, as of 01-01-2022 have a 3 year warranty, and the technical service is established in Spain. In no case will the customer be sent directly to the manufacturer, so that it does not cause a problem for the latter, since They pay high shipping rates outside the EC.

The guarantee of the products sold by Tradetec Global Trading Company S.L. it is provided and established by virtue of the regulations contained in LAW 23/2003, of July 10, of guarantees in the Sale of Consumer Goods, legal framework that aims to provide the consumer with different options to demand sanitation when the It is not acquired in accordance with the contract, giving it the option of demanding the repair of the good, unless it is impossible or disproportionate. When the repair or replacement is not possible or is disproportionate, the consumer may demand the price reduction or change, prior to payment of the difference in costs if it were a superior product, to be purchased only and exclusively from the supplier Tradetec Global Trading Compay S.L.

The offeror will not be responsible for any damages that may result from misuse, manipulation or non-professional installation, or malfunctioning as a short circuit. The guarantee will not be valid in case of factors external to the normal use of the product, such as voltage ups or downs, use of improper accessories or prohibited by the manufacturer, or incorrect handling by the customer or third parties not authorized by the manufacturers.

Wear elements, such as DVD players, CDs, belts, pulleys, etc ... include a 6 month warranty.

In the event of breakage of the guarantee seal, being demonstrated the manipulation by personnel other than the offeror, the product would be without guarantee.

Replacement products are placed at the service of our customers.

The development of repair budgets out of warranty, in the case of non-acceptance by the customer, have a cost of € 25 + VAT

The calculation of the guarantee will start on the same day of delivery of the product.


The client will have the right to confidentiality and security of the client's personal data in accordance with the provisions of current Spanish legislation on data protection.

Know at all times the status of processing of the order made, consulting only and exclusively to the staff of Tradetec Global Trading Company S.L., by any of the methods available at www.tradetecglobal.com, tradetecglobal.com, www.tradetec.es or tradetec.es.

UE Online Dispute acces https://ec.europa.eu/consumers


Under Law 23/2003, of July 10, the seller is obliged to deliver to the consumer a good that is in accordance with the contract of sale under the terms that the law itself establishes, therefore the seller will respond to the consumer of any lack of conformity that exists in the delivery of the good. Under the terms of this law, the consumer is granted the right to repair the property, to replace it and to reduce the price in the acquisition of a new product in the shop of the offeror. In the case of the termination of the contract due to causes other than differences with the article offered on the bidder's website, the client must assume the costs of the use and transportation of the returned property that will be assessed by a company outside the bidder and designated by the bidder. technical service for said good.

In any case, the serial number of the product must match that of the files owned by Tradetec Global Trading Company S.L.

Under no circumstances can returns be made for articles that show symptoms of having been used.

Goods must be returned in full original packaging and without damage to hardware or software. All returned items are subject to a restocking fee of 14.5%. The goods are sent from the client's locations to our facilities, at their cost. The shipping cost will be deducted from the amount due for the return. In all cases, the guarantee seal must be intact.

The offeror will not be responsible for returns on products handled or those goods that are returned incomplete in both its main elements and accessories.

Changes or returns of products under warranty will not be accepted, starting from the seventh day from the reception of the article.

In no case are the photographs exposed binding except for express communication from the staff of Tradetec Global Trading Company S.L. The benefits should be the same as those described.

In no case can returns be made of customized items that are purchased by express order, and for particular audio systems.

The return of laptops will not be possible at any time when they are not returned in the same conditions of delivery. This implies that the system must be restored respecting the original partitions and programs.

For any return on smaller products (cameras, accessories, etc ...) it is necessary that they are protected by an external packaging -as you have received at your home- and thus avoid any type of damage or handling of the product packaging during transport.

There are no returns on software products.


Keep, modify or suspend your website without prior notice.

Modify the price of the offers.

Reject orders due to lack of stock or customer default.

Perceive the amount of purchases from the customer accepted the transaction.

Reserving the property and retaining full ownership of the item until full payment by the client.

To reserve the right to draw lots on its website.



The information received by Tradetec Global Trading Comapany S.L., through its website will be treated with the utmost confidentiality. The offeror will at all times observe the current provisions on data protection, in particular the Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, on the Protection of Personal Data, and will adopt the necessary measures in relation to said data to prevent its alteration, loss, and unauthorized access. Likewise, it undertakes not to use the personal data of the users of the page for different purposes unrelated to the purpose of contracting the services it provides.

In accordance with the current legislation, Tradetec Global Trading Company SL collects data of a personal nature from its customers and includes them in a file of which it is owner and whose treatment is exclusively intended for the purpose of managing the requested orders and answering queries that users can formulate.

Tradetec Global Trading Company S.L. You may use third party advertising companies to place ads on your website.

The data about the customers may be used in order to send the user information about offers.

Equally the client consents that Tradetec Global Trading Company S.L. communicate said data to transport companies or banks for transport management and order collection.

You can also carry out other data communications provided by law.

Tradetec Global Trading Company S.L. The entity receiving the data collected on this web page, undertakes to respect and facilitate the exercise of the rights recognized by law and, in particular, the rights of access to data, rectification, cancellation of data and opposition, if necessary. Such rights may be exercised by the user or, as the case may be, by whoever represents him, by means of a written and signed request addressed to the address of the company name.

Tradetec Global Trading Company S.L. declares and guarantees that it maintains the security levels for the protection of personal data as provided by current legislation, and that it has established all technical means at its disposal to prevent loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access and theft of data facilitated by users. All this without prejudice to the fact, the user accepts that security measures on the Internet are not impregnable.

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