Accesorios cámaras aparcamiento

Rear camera accessories

Of course our goal is that you do not run out of the accessory you need to be able to place any parking camera. No need to look any further, what you need is here, be it the wireless module to avoid passing the camera cable, the camera switch back to front or even switch for four cameras with 360 degree vision

Accessories parking cameras

This rear-to-front camera switcher module will make your life easier when you want to park in narrow places, and if you are one of those who park between columns, the four-camera switch will It will be simple, because you can see the vehicle from all angles. It allows selecting at any time which parking camera you want to see, whether the front, the rear or any of the side cameras. You can also search from the selection of cables available to adapt your rear camera as standard and thus avoid changing the camera that already has the factory car.

Adapter cables for original parking camera connections

We have a section of adapter cables of the main brands to be able to keep the original camera of the car in your new GPS Android device

If you need any information or doubt to buy these products or know the compatibility, you can contact us.

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