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Headrest with LCD

In addition to the LCD roof monitors for cars that you will see in our online store, here we show you another option also as a flagship product. The lcd screens for the headrests of the car.

Headrest with LCD

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Another option, besides the most viewed and purchased option, are these screens that we see in many family cars. With this article we can put our passengers videos, games and music and make them spend a short and enjoyable car trip. In this way the passenger is entertained.

LCD screen for headrest

Another advantage of our articles is, in this case, wifi. Since the LCD screens with Wi-Fi as the Android tablet for headrest with Wi-Fi, you have the option to download Android applications and have wireless speakers. All advantages to make a quiet trip to our friends or family.

Also, these screens are made to be able to use them also in the office, not only for the headrest.

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