Android GPS BOX Pioneer / Alpine / Kenwood / Panasonic / JVC REF: TR1680

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Android and Internet connection. Works with touch screen

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Hardware Specification

1. 1.2GHz dual core CPU

2. 1G DDR3 on system

3. 4G eMMC flash on system

4.GPS module be supported

5. WIFI 802.11b/g/n be supported

6.USB 3G dongle be supported

7. Video output: Analog RGB

8. Sync Signal:Composed sync

9.Video Format:NTSC

10.Video output resolution:800*480

11.Audio output:Stereo

12.GPS antenna:3-5V patch antenna

13.Storage card:TF card (SDHC up to 32GB)

14.USB host for Udisk


Software Specification

1.OS:Android 4.4

2.RGB video out resolution:800*480

3.With a cleaner user interface special for vehicular applications

4.Improved user experience special for vehicular applications

5.The advanced media streaming features

6.With a series of Android apps to support

7.Full mobile Internet access be supported

Compatible with:


Alpine: IVA-W502E, IVA-W202E, IVA-W407E, IVA-W520C, TME-S 370 (Land Rover Freelander), IVA-W520R (Nissan Pathfinder), ICS-X8, IVE-W530EBT.

Pioneer: AVH-P5750 1DIN, AVH-P4250, AVH-P4350, AVH-P4200, AVH-P3200, AVH-P3300, AVH-P3350 1DIN, AVH-P6850, AVH-P1450, AVH-P4450, AVH-P3450, AVH-P8450, AVH-X5500BT, AVH-X3500DAB, AVH-X2500BT, AVH-X1500DVD, AVH-X5500BT, AVH-X3500DAB, AVH-X2500BT, AVH-X1500DVD

Kenwood: KW-DDX6036, KW-DDX5360, KVT-536, KW-DDX5036, KW-DDX4028, KW-DDX4031, KW-DDX4038, KW-DDX7036, KW-DDX8036, KW-DDX630BT, AVH X2500BT, KW-DDX5032, KW-DDX7039

JVC: KW-AVX626/625/624, KW-AVX726/725/724, KW-AVX900(626 cable), KW-AVX836/835, KW-736/735, KW-AVX646



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