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DVB-T car tuner

DVB-T car dual tuner allows watch TV in motion TR151

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Digital television dual tuner (DTV) ✔ Compatible GPS head units!


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Digital DTV tuner your passengers watch television while drive your car

Great reception quality, as it has two amplified interior antennas. (Antennas and cables can be hidden inside the cabin)

Technical parameters:

Input frequency: VHF 177.5MHz-226.5MHz UHF 474MHz-858MHz

Modulation: QPSK / 16-QAM / 64-QAM

Native decoding: MPEG4 ISO / IEC 13818 MPEG4 MP @ ML

Native audio decoding: MPEG1 LAYER1, 11 MUSICAL

4 video outputs

Output Resistance: 75ohm

Output voltage: 1.0 + -2.0mVp-p

Audio output: 2Vp-p

Compatible with HD channels

General parameters:

Power: DC + 12-24V, 6W

Dimensions: 178mm * 116mm * 37mm

Weight: 400g approx

Operating temperature: -5 to + 40ºC

It includes the dual antenna tuner, two amplified antennas of reduced size, audio and video cables, power cables and remote control.

Tune in to your favorite DTV television channels in the car

Thanks to this television module you can watch your favorite shows always, either with the car parked or while on the move. This tuner allows you to watch digital TV if the car is in motion thanks to its double integrated tuner and its two amplified antennas of small size. If what you want is to be able to watch digital television only while the vehicle is stationary then you need the simple tuner with just one antenna reference TR149 (click here)

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