wheel spacer System A 30 mm Audi A3 8V

wheel spacer System A 30 mm Audi A3 (8V)

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Audi, A3 (8V) ✔ Lightweight and high quality


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Wheel spacers and separators for Audi, A3 (8V)

Tradetec offers wheel spacers made in Germany. The wheel spacers have got high quality.

The spacers are manufactured with modern CNC machines with high quality aluminum.

We offer a large selection of sizes and designs for various models as in this case for:

Audi, A3 (8V)

Wheel spacers provide a wider wheelbase that leads to improved driving, not just the aesthetics of the car.

Our separators are available in versions A and B.

For system A, the spacers are fixed with longer screws between the rim and the axle.

For system B, the separators are screwed directly to the axle and the rim with screws then to the separator.

The assembly of the wheel separator is feasible and easy in a few minutes.

If you are buying from system A, remember that longer wheel bolts are not included.

The size of the wheel spacer is always related to axle widening.

For most of our spacers, you will receive a general approval permit that allows them to quickly and easily pass the TUV (provided that the wheel does not leave the body).

With Tradetec spacers you have the opportunity, with little effort, to achieve maximum results for your car.


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