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Hook spanner for adjusting coilover

Hook spanner for adjusting coilover

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Ahora en Tradetec puede encontrar Llave de gancho para ajustar Coiloveral mejor precio y con financiación a su medida!

Have got doubts about compatibility, installation...? Ask us:

The non plus ultra in the suspension systems are clearly the coilovers. So we have a FK Automotive shop for tuning and car accessories and coilover suspension kit manufacturer with one of the largest product ranges in Europe, of course, a lot of coilovers you ready. These are manufactured in our company, promising a very high Made in Germany quality. There are some significant benefits, consider that make the normal Coilover suspension or sports suspension. Coilovers are characterized in particular by the fact that you - as the name Suspension suggests - it can pass through a threaded screw up and down, you can say your car in no time stated in the opinion of adjustment set higher or lower! Here, the adjustment of the threaded chassis vary by opinions, but there are quite of adjustment up to 75mm possible! Many a time you can put the vehicles even lower or higher than it is in the opinion, this is of particular interest for motor racing driver, but you lose this for the moment the road vehicle! Also, a separate vote by various damping techniques is possible with special designs. Most part, are also shortens the strut housing, so you get more travel. Of course, it is our coilover suspension to sport suspensions. This will give your vehicle a particularly good cornering and road holding and spoil you through the tight sporty tuning with a completely new and sporty driving experience. Our FK coilovers are available in different categories and price ranges, including the High Sport coilovers, the royal sport coilovers, the Silverline coilovers and the Silver Line X coilovers. Another product line of our coilovers are the AK and the AK Street coilovers. They are similar in construction to our high-quality, high Coilovers are, however, much cheaper than this, and they are ideal for beginners who take the plunge into car tuning. In this category we offer exclusively to AK coilovers! These are highly price optimized so that everyone can enjoy a true, height-adjustable coilover suspension. This line of our coilovers, similar to the high king of sports and sport version, made of steel. However, you have a top quality.

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