Car PC 1 DIN with Windows TR925

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Car PC 1 DIN with Windows REF: TR925


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Product Details :

1. Whole intelligent human-machine interface
Single din car PC TFT-LCD digital panel with 16:9 wide size touch screen, Human-machine interface, No matter what you can use computer or not, It will very easy to manage and give you a new feeling about it.
2. Intelligent GPS Navigation System
Built in powerful GPS chip(SIRF III),It can receive 20 channel satellite signal at the same time, The accurate positioning are better than 10M, Come true the road navigation, Voice introduction, map information searching, Auto record the Path system(such as hotel, gas station, store, hospital etc),Starting many kinds of map to navigate at the same time.
3. Multimedia Audio/video entertainment
Support different kinds of Video/Audio form, It can broadcast through internal DVD and save in disk system. You also can download from the interne that save the money to buy it. Give you a comfortable feeling.
4. Wireless Internet ( Optional )
Support the wireless Wifi and high speed internet 3G signal, with which you can enjoy the Cyber world whenever and wherever possible. You can fully use the internet functions, such as mobile communication, mobile officing, enjoying the networking telephone, having VOIP meeting, chatting online, browsing website, playing networking game, downloading the data, receiving and sending email and fax, etc. The most important is that it is fast, stable property, Safe and reliable.
5. Parking Assist System (Optional)
Intelligent Parking Assist, back car reversing, and with Reverse Sensor. You only need to flick slightly the reverse, then you will automatically see the the high definition digital screen in the super wide angle with full color and the path of backing a car. Even if you are just a green hand, you can be professional.
6. Car Intelligent Power Management
The power management of the system is exactly designed according to the the environment for use. It can be started up with the car and would shutoff the power automatically getting off the car. In this way, we can prevent using up the the electricity in the car. It is designed based on the meet of the humanized demands to start and turn off the system. The power supply of equipment all employ the intelligent power management system, so even if the system is running, or dying off, the system can work steady.
7. Mass storage memory
16G SSD electronic disk storage, realizing the mass storage of video. It uses professional Anti-shock technology, which let the system operates stability and safely and let you enjoy your trip without worry.
8. Built-in hi-fi amplifier
Built-in 4*40W hi-fi amplifier, which can drive the car loudspeakers directly and can save the money of buying another hi-fi. It is a perfect mobile stereo cinema and can create various modes of sound effect when cooperated with multimedia software, which let you enjoy unprecedented shock.
9. Built-in FM/AM car radio
Built-in FM/AM in system, which can be stored hundreds of channels. It is really a perfect combination between computer radio and system and the radio can be controlled completely by computer.
10. Build in Car Bluetooth function(Optional)
Built-in Bluetooth module, Bluetooth-enabled hands-free calls, Bluetooth phone book synchronization, Bluetooth, messaging, Bluetooth file exchange, Bluetooth dial-up Internet access (eliminating the need to purchase wireless card costs); via Bluetooth can also be connected to the Bluetooth printer , Bluetooth serial communication, Bluetooth keyboard, mouse, allows you to easily extend value-added features.
11. Expand jack
Built-in microphone in the front, MINI USB interface, easy to connect various digital devices, extending a variety of functions, the rear four-channel audio output, two-way audio input (AUX), the way video output, two-way video input.
12. Universal Design
Intelligent volume control, boot time, the gradual increase in volume from childhood, as the speed increased, the volume gradually increasing; through the navigation map, to achieve speed reminder.
13. Compatible operating systems
The system is compatible with Window CE/Embedded/98/Me/2000/Xp/2003/Vista/Linux operating system.



*CPU: Intel ATOM Z510 1.2G,Low power consumption, stable performance
* RAM: 1 GB
* 7 inches, HD touch screen resolution 800 * 480
* HDD: Build in 16GB SSD, no mechanism, and completely quiet (Optional 32Gb)
* Bluetooth phone, easy answer or free calling when driving
* 4*50W amplifier high fidelity exportation output, with the original car perfect compatibility, to enjoy high quality audio system.
* AM/FM Broadcasting radio functions.
* Inhaled DVD video format, support various format.
* Lead the mini USB interface, easy to connect all kinds of digital products
* The 3 USB interface, L/R lines output
* The video input (including 2 all reverse)
* SIRF Ⅲ generation chip, supports multiple navigation software and map, support the epoch-making 3D navigation engine
* The portable OFFICE, using OFFICE software anytime and sending and receiving email
* Combined with the vehicle power control signal (ACC) ITPS of intelligent power management, protect the vehicle-mounted computer software and hardware and auto power supply system (battery)
* HD reverse function
* The wireless network (optional): through CDMA/WCDMA/WIFI network,
wireless Internet enjoy fun anytime, instant messaging with you.
* Automatic access institution; with memory function.
* The VGA output, split-screen function: support headrest screen,
drivers and passengers sharing ride joy.



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