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GPS Head unit 10,25 GPS BMW 1 Series F20 - F21 / 2 Series F22 - F23 ANDROID TR2212

€395.87 tax incl.

Find the best GPS head unit for your BMW 1 Series F20 - F21 / 2 Series F22 - F23 - F45 - F46✔ With IPS touch screen

BMW Model

Have got doubts about compatibility, installation...? Ask us:

[ ECONOMIC ] GPS head unit for BMW 1 Series F20 - F21 / 2 Series F22 - F23. If you are finding a GPS head unit compatible with original controls and with the same connectors your car has for an easy installation, you found it!

GPS head unit for BMW 1 Series F20 - F21 / 2 Series F22 - F23 - F45 - F46

Compatible with:

BMW 1 Series F20 - F21 / 2 Series F22 - F23 - F45 - F46

ID7 menu available and double screen function for two simultaneous functions. (PX6 model only)

Main Features:

1. CPU: 4 / 6 core (Model 4 Core processor PX3 and Android 7.1, 6 core processor PX6 and Android 9.0)
2. Android version: 7.1 / 9.0
3. ROM 32Gb NAND
4. RAM 2Gb / 4Gb DDR
5. MCU updated to the latest factory version
6. Compatible original parking sensors
7. Support multi-media playback, Internet, games, chat, etc ...
8. Built-in Wi-Fi, 4G compatible (optional), with dual rear USB
9. Compatible 1080P HD and 3D background
10. Support external hard drive.
11. USB extension cables to fit comfortably
12. Customizable startup logo, wallpaper, etc ...
13. Supports copy, cut, paste files
14. Video and photo playback, scanning / modification, JPG, MBP, JPEG, etc ...
15. Compatible DTV television tuner, audio and video inputs and outputs
16. Powerful hardware, quick response. The most suitable if you do not need high power or multitasking
17. Compatible rear camera or original 360º camera
18. IPS multi touch screen, 5 point control. Available with black screen edges glare reduction and black screen edges higher anti glare level.
19. Compatible with Android browsers
20. Abundant compatible applications, most of the Android Play Store are compatible.
21. You can read and edit Word / Excel / Powerpoint / PDF / TXT files.
22. Modern and similar to the original car user interface
23. Automatic day / night screen brightness dimming
24. Compatible with DVR driving recording cameras (works with optional USB camera)

- AirPin / MirrorLink function to see your smartphone on the new monitor

- 4G connection (optional via 4G USB, purchase TR1008 separately) / WIFI for Internet browsing.

- Allows you to use the smartphone WIFI shared connection.

- Compatible with thousands of programs, available in Play Store

- GPS navigation with 3D maps without Internet connection

- 720P and 1080P HD compatible

- Unique user interface, fresh, updated, very similar to the original BMW ...

- Bluetooth compatible with all brands of mobile phone, calendar function, music playback, support search by A-Z name ...

- Integrated GPU, powerful hardware, helps improve 2D / 3D navigation for GPS, supports OpenGL 2.0 and OpenVG 1.1, decodes 1080P HD

- Real IPS digital multi touch screen, direct drive, a definition and a clear screen

- Multi touch screen control with dynamic graphic user interface

- Multi-resolution support, UXGA @ 60HZ 1920 * 720 maximum, supports larger screens, even above 10.25 inches with car DVDs. Images lighter than 800 * 480 resolution at the same creep

- Supports video: Wmv (VC1 codec), AVI (H.264, MPEG4, MJPEG, XviD, WMV), mp4 (H.263, H.264, MPEG4 codec), MPG (MPEG-2 codec), ... m4v (H.264, MPEG4)

- Operating temperature -20 ° C +60 ° C

- Storage temperature -30 ° C to +80 ° C

- 500 mA consumption@14.2V

- Input voltage 11.5 ~ 15.5V

- Consumption off <15 mA

Touch screen GPS head unit, a lot more functions than the original one of BMW 1 Series F20 - F21 / 2 Series F22 - F23.


- Map stored in memory or on MicroSD card
- Supports Google map, Sygic, IGO, Papago, 3D maps, etc
- Navigation software: allows installation on MicroSD cards or internal memory
- New support features for bluetooth / USB / MicroSD playback of original car disk while browsing. The sound from the radio / CD / iPod / USB / SD will go down or mute during voice navigation and return to normal after the prompts.


- Screen dimension 10.25 inches
- IPS multi touch screen
- Resolution screen (real) 1280 * 480 Pix. (1920 x 720 Pix. Interpolated)
- Customizable wallpaper
- 3D interface


- Main interface over 20 languages, including Spanish and Portuguese.


- Optional 4G USB (TR1009) or via shared phone with WIFI access point
- Built-in WIFI
- Compatible with Android applications. Google Play Store included.

File management:

- Supports copying and moving files between different storage media and profiles

Video / Audio:

- Video Support MP3 / WMA / WAV / APE / FLAC / ACC / OGG / AC3 ​​format, etc...
- Audio RMVB / AVI / MPG / MPEG / WMA / VOB / MOV / ASF / FLV / 3GP / MP4 Support format, etc...
- BT.656 video input
- RGB digital video output
- RCA Audio Out
- RCA audio input
- Customizable EQ, pop, jazz, dance, classic, rock, normal, custom mode, treble / fader / bass / balance / volume
- Signal to noise ratio> 85dB


- Digital TV DVB-T (MPEG4), ATSC, ISDB-T optional.


- Compatible with HFP, A2DP, AVRCP formats
- Main functions of hands-free, call (redial), answer, calendar function, music playback of the phone, volume control, touch keyboard, mute ...
- Address Book Search by A-Z Name

Additional characteristics:

- Compatible automatic rear parking camera
- Steering wheel control and original controls remain operational
- It shows original functions of the car, such as temperature, weather, seat belt, opening doors, parking sensor and a long etc ...


- USB / MicroSD
- USB input x 2 (USB port supports USB hub)
- USB2.0, Support Samsung, Blackberry, HTC, Motorola, read via USB, etc...


- 2 USB inputs
- Digital TV input (optional)
- RCA audio * 2 (front L and R)
- RCA audio output * 2 (rear L and R)
- AUX-L input
- AUX-R input
- Video-in
- Rear camera parking (automatic connection when reverse gear)
- The display illumination dims when the car lights are turned on.

Package content:

- Touch screen GPS head unit
- GPS antenna
- Fixing elements and metal screws if necessary
- USB cables
- User's manual
- Power cables
- Antenna and digital TV tuner (optional)
- Europe maps for GPS.

Substitute your original monitor for this new touch screen GPS head unit Android compatible with BMW 1 Series F20 - F21 / 2 Series F22 - F23 and rejuvenate your car!


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