Tradetec cooperate with #CESAcademy in the biggest virtual simulation event in Galica

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Again pleased to be able to collaborate with motor events, now Tradetec collaborates with the #CESAcademy In case that dont know it, it is neither more nor less than the Spanish Simulation Championship, the structure where you can participate in virtual competitions at the highest level! Here we tell you everything! Vigo Auditorio Mar de Vigo

Faro de Vigo, the most important newsletter from Galicia La Universidad de Vigo, Faneka Gaming y R Telecomunicaciones, have organized The most important gaming event from Galicia This happens the days 14-15-16 of June in the Palacio de Congresos Mar de Vigo.

The games that are involved are League of Legends, Clash Royale, Fifa and of course the event of virtual driving simulator! This is that we love, young people challenging and have got the oportunity to jump to the real competition! 

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This is what the CES Academy does, and that is possible in the Spanish Simulation Championship (CES). There is a simulation platform with its own identity that creates and develops competitions and events at the highest level, both virtual and face-to-face. It is the perfect place for lovers of simracing and motorsport. In addition to creating the largest virtual community nationwide, its main aspiration is to take the most capable virtual pilots to real careers, rewarding talent and adaptation, through the Connect & Race system and the CES Academy program. Of course if you are interested in the racing scene, take advantage of this new opportunity that Faro de Vigo and Faneka Gaming offer you with a stand of 12 simulators!


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