Cámaras específicas aparcamiento


Special parking cameras

In Tradetec can buy Special car camera. This compatible rear camera can be installed in the specific central display in the center display size 1 DIN or the central screen size 2 DIN. The special car parking camera will help you to park by seeing what is behind your car and are compatible to be able to place them in the back of any car.

Car special parking camera

Camera parking are useful when the rear of the car can not see well, either because the inclination of the rear window of the car is very large, because the car has a part Sharp back or just to see what's behind the car with comfort.

The special parking camera, have got RCA connection included and also include the power cord from the back camera and video cable to connect the camera from back to the central unit with display for the car, whether it's a central screen specific by brand to car, a universal size 1 DIN central screen or a central screen of universal 2 DIN size.

Rear parking camera for multimedia units

The rear camera is placed on the back of the vehicle and allows you to see everything behind the car while the reverse gear is engaged. The cables needed to install the rear camera on any universal radio or any specific center display radio with GPS or without GPS are included. It does not matter if the central screen is Android or any other operating system. You do not need the central screen to have Carplay or the central screen to have Android Auto.

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