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The best radio head unit DVD for Kia

Here you will find a wide variety of special head units with Radio - DVD - GPS - Bluetooh for Kia cars. The best travel companion you can have on your Kia, is a modern device with Android navigation. With these monitors, specific to your Kia car, you can manage multiple tasks wile drive your car. From being able to control the music you were listening, to the radio, even all kinds of Android apps, maps or GPS. Some models even incorporate DTV television tunners, so you can watch TV in the car.In this way, you will never miss your favorite shows and you can always count on your favorite music to make the road trip more enjoyable or travel without fear of getting lost.

All this technology in a high quality touch screen in which you can perform all these functions, simply with the fingers of your hand.

The Android head unit is perfectly prepared for use while driving, with touch buttons and large letters to be able to use them easily, as well as being able to manage all possible radar notices or interesting points of interest near the place where you are driving. Installation is easy, to fit your knowledge. In any case, if you do not consider yourself trained, we can recommend collaborating car audio workshops near your country to help you if necessary.

Discover our entire catalog of Android head units available for most car models of the Kia brand.

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Kia: Auto head units with navigation system for Kia cars

Like many other cars, Kia is a brand from South Korea. Its headquarters are located in Yangjae-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, South Korea. The company, now belonging to the Hyundai Motor Group conglomerate, in the Ford phase manufactured, as part of the Ford's crisis conglomerate, licensed models for Ford and Mazda.

In 1981, the production of the Kia Brisa was canceled and the closure of its plant was forced, due to military empowerment policies in the Chun Doo-hwan dictatorship. This led the Kia to focus on the production of light trucks and set aside the production of its passenger cars. It has had exceptional growth, being among the 10 best selling brands in the country, Mexico quickly became one of the top 10 for the brand in the world. Kia started operations at its plant in Pesquería, Nuevo León, assembling Forte and Río. Kia already has more than 60 distributors, scattered throughout the country.

Kia continued to produce several models of the Mazda under license since 1986, when its owner changed.

Kia: ask for 1 DIN & 2 DIN (double DIN) universal units to install in Kia cars.

The best equipment to place on the dashboard of your Kia, of course is a specific head unit, but if we do not have it available, you can opt for a universal head unit, in several sizes available for all models and brands, including Kia. Radios of 1 DIN or 2 DIN size. You can find Kits adapter frames or wiring adaptation kits so that in an easy and simple way you can mount the car radio on your Kia, some even Android with Internet connection by 4G LTE.

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